How to Balance Study and Dating for College Sugar Babies

Make a plan and stick to it strictly. Some college sugar babies wrongly think that they have much free time to squander before they graduate from college. In fact, time is precious for you when you at college. If you are a sugar baby and want to lead yourself to a better life in the future, you need to do right now is to make a plan to organize your time for study and your sugar daddy. Sugar daddies are business men and will probably not care about your study when they are free. It depends on yourself. You can try to make lists of what you need to do for college and your sugar dating. And take advantage of all your free time to finish your school work in case your sugar daddy will call you to meet him at any time. Do not try to be lazy and mislead yourself to be a loser when the hard moment come.

College sugar babies should attach importance to their classes in college. If you think it is a normal phenomenon to miss class for something else, then you are wrong. Even if you are a sugar baby and your daddy will need you any time when he is empty, you should not get in the habit of missing class for dating your sugar daddy. You can try your best to adjust your class based on the normal schedule of his business. If he prefers to meet you at night for a dinner, you can always have class during the daytime before going for a date, which is the best alternative since there is no conflict. If your sugar daddy can only meet you in the day, you can find some night classes to attend to avoid conflict. If your daddy is a businessman who travels a lot, then you should focus on several days to finish your class efficiently. On the contrary, if he always requires you to skip your classes to keep him company, then he is not a good sugar daddy. A great one will respect you and encourage you to finish your study and have your own goals.

Keep going no matter what stops you. There will definitely be some time that you want to give up. You will feel exhausted and don’t want to keep going when things are not going well. It is understandable. But if you don’t really want to put and end to this sugar relationship, then just don’t say it. All you need to do is taking a few minutes to refresh your mind by listening to some music, doing some exercises, traveling alone or with friends to somewhere beautiful, meditating and whatever you love to do when you are not feeling good. Then you can consider if this relationship deserves your time and energy to keep. If the answer is positive, you should try your best to get yourself busy and occupied since you are at the age of struggling for your life.

Share your achievements with your sugar daddies. Most sugar daddies are glad to see his sugar babies trying to improve themselves with their money, which will make them to be proud of. And they love to encourage their partner to learn more and become a better woman in the future. So, you should try to share your achievements with your sugar daddies if he is willing to listen. And show your gratitude to him.

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